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Exam Grading and Honors


I Semester
Last of  July I Cycle Test
Starting of September II  Cycle Test
Mid  of October I   Sem Exam
II Semester
Last of November III Cycle Test
Last of December IV Cycle Test
Mid of February II Sem Exam
Grading Patterns
A+ Excellent 90% & above
A Very Good 80% - 89%
B Good 70% - 79%
C Fair 60% - 69%
D Average 50% - 59%
E Needs Improvement 40% - 49%
On the Basis of School Badge
80 to 89 % White Badge
90 to 94 % Pink Badge
95 to onward Green Badge

Note:- This Badge system will start from the class III to onward.                                                                                                             
Note:- Student scoring 95 or more than 95% continuously for three Years will be awarded Blue Tie.

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