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Computer Lab

Computer Lab
Computer Science is taught as a compulsory subject that spans over the elementary, middle, secondary and senior secondary level. Several computer science electives are offered to senior secondary students. The School's main computer facilities are located in our Computer lab, that is equipped with twenty-two computers and is open to all students from Grade 1 to Grade 12. All computers have access to applications for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, and programming in a variety of languages like LOGO, BASIC, HTML, C and C++. Each computer has a Windows operating system and the Microsoft Office suite of applications. On select high performance PCs, students have access to a variety of graphic and media publications software to support and encourage special multimedia projects. The computers are equipped with network access to allow students to explore the Internet. A fast Ethernet Local Area Network (LAN)links all the computers to the School's network, thus providing student-accessible network file storage. The Library catalog, and Internet reference sources are accessible from all networked computers. At the Computer Lab Center, there is easy Internet accessibility available to the faculty members and to the students. Enterprising students get a chance to gain familiarity with the Internet and are also able to do comprehensive research for their projects and presentations. There are a variety of specialized educational programs also installed in the computers. Students may work in the lab on subject-related projects, under the supervision of respective subject teachers.

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