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Indoor and outdoor games

Indoor and outdoor games
We, as a school thought a leader does not oppose or criticize the gaming sources, except the ones those have been prohibited in the interest of children’s health (blue whale, momo challenge). Understanding the educational needs of this era, we are expecting the kids to be more capable of facing future challenges in their career path and overcome the odds smartly. And this can only be possible when school leaders along with the parents of the kids become more aware of the benefits of the sports and games in a student’s life. The generation in the 21st century has become digital tech savvy which has directly affected their physical and mental health as well. Most of the kids are seen that they are busy in scoring the points at online platforms. It's essential to create varieties of game and sports in the school so that students celebrate togetherness and keep themselves fit. To develop critical thinking in school kids, the learning based gaming models are needed to be installed in the school space so that every child going to the school should have access over all the indoor and outdoor games, and develop the required skill set for future growth which is expected to be tough comparatively. Games in school nourish the children’s mind and help them in being more active and attentive in their journey of pursuing education.

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